‘People become more valuable,
when they are more valued !!’

Arjan Molenkamp, Founder Management Master Mind

Practical solutions
for common leadership challenges

Management Master Mind (MMM) is a platform that facilitates exchange of today’s’ leadership opportunities/challenges and share practical solutions. The focus is on performance-improvement, innovation & development, embedding customer service and employee engagement & development. For example:

  • How to overcome the threats and explore the opportunities of technology-driven disruption?
  • How to keep existing and a new generation employees engaged and give purpose while developing competencies?
  • How to deal with customers global access and increasing customer expectation by teaming-up internally and externally?

Management Master Mind has developed a framework called ‘The Mill model’ but also offers a platform that facilitates exchange of similar leadership challenges and solutions.

The five ambitions
that always make a difference

The first step towards success is always about translating challenges and opportunities into ambitions. We have identified the five most important success generating ambitions as focus areas for Management Master Mind.

  1. Creating a High-Performance Organisation addressing issues of inefficiencies and continuous chase for internal and external opportunities.
  2. Embedding Service Excellence throughout the entire organisation to differentiate from competitors in terms of end-to-end customer experience.
  3. Mastering Implementation and Execution to become more nimble, agile and effective when turning (strategic) plans into actions.
  4. Managing Disruption and Innovation and therefore be able to move faster and become a market leader in terms of development instead of following.
  5. Leveraging Employee Strength and Potential to get the most out of both the existing and new generation individuals while creating stronger teams.

Various types of
Knowledge exchange

Management Master Mind is a platform that facilitates exchange of today’s’ leadership opportunities/challenges and share practical solutions. For the self-starters, there is a very structured and practical guideline as captured in the book on Behavioral Leadership. For those that like to get more examples of challenges and success stories, there is a blog for all five focus ambitions. Finally, there will be workshops, consulting and coaching for those that prefer more in-depth engagement and exchange.

A Practical Guide for Behavioural Leadership

This book describes a step-by-step interactive approach to create success through employee and customer engagement covering all ambitions.

The blog on challenges and success-stories

A variety of easy-to-read articles sharing practical examples and insights on challenges and opportunities around the five ambitions for success.

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