Management Master Mind

Where it started

ManagementMasterMind (MMM) is a platform to exchange and solve today’s’ leadership challenges. The idea to create a platform was based on the experience that many leadership challenges are similar which implies that experience and insights on how to solve these, could also be applied much broader.

Management books try to do the same in terms of sharing lessons learned but without a platform for broader engagement, it is likely that implementation and embedding are still hard.

By developing a platform -offering various ways of interaction and knowledge exchange- it should become much easier to fast-track leadership development for the next generation. The MMM platform will also facilitate share new threats and opportunities in the age of digital disruption that could be even challenging for experienced leaders.

What we want to achieve

We have three goals that we want to achieve:

  1. Building slowly but surely a library of interesting leadership experiences that can be used in a broader context. This also includes the evaluation of the practicality of certain new insights and books.
  2. Creating a network of like-minded leaders that are interested to contribute to the platform but also seek support and guidance from other leaders through the platform.
  3. Support young-leader initiatives or management development programs by various means of engagement and interaction for transferring knowledge and experience but also for better understanding and appreciation of the new generation.
Founder and Author Arjan Molenkamp

Founder and Author Arjan Molenkamp

The founder of Management Master Mind is Arjan Molenkamp. He has almost 25 years of management experience, of which the last 17 years in executive positions like Chief of Retail Banking, Head of Corporate Banking and Chief Operating Officer.

He has worked in 7 different countries and has been exposed to many different cultures. He is passionate about setting up and running cultural and structural change programs, exploring growth opportunities for organisations and employees. Arjan is also the author of the book ‘A practical guide to Behavioral Leadership’. This book gives a structured overview of many of his insights and lessons learned.

Arjan has a degree in Economics, an MBA from Erasmus University and did various courses and programs at a.o. universities of Harvard, Insead, IMD and Oxford.